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Ann Arbor, Michigan

BikerBar Radio News
Spring 2001





BikerBar Radio: Editor's pick for January

BikerBar Radio (Texas country, biker blues) (T1/DSL) Music for the Road. The goal of this biker-dj is to play "Music that that I want to hear when riding my Harley a 1000 miles in a day. Music to keep me company as the miles float by. Music to keep my foot tapping on the pegs." This collection of biker tunes includes Rory Block, Gary Allan and Wayne Hancock.

BikerBar Radio added to Kerbango Tuner

The Kerbango.Com tuner is used by many other MP3 players such as SoundJam, ITunes, and others. Kerbango will be coming out with a stand alone internet radio soon.

Kerbango Internet Radio is COMING!!!

The Kerbango Radio will have BikerBar Radio pretuned into its database!!!

BikerBar Radio added to Aladdin Tuner

The Aladdin Tuner is geographically oriented and keeps a current database of stations. It integrates to your MP3 player of choice. It is inexpensive and works well with Macs and PCs.

Rolling Stone Artist and Album Finder

Contry Music Television
They have some good programming and even some alt country and alt western.
Western Beat on CMT
VERY alt contry videos... About the only TV i watch

RadioSpy.Com is a great way to find interesting internet radio staions. BikerBar Radio is listed in this tuner