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You will see my favorite CD of the Artist (MustBuys!!) or their most recent output.

This list is in no particular order...
The List is for browsing ...
It is
about random ...
but with some notion of balance!

These links will take you directly to to BUY THIS CD!! and the artist's other CDs....

I am not going to act like a parent and scold ya for "sharing" music (*koff* insert the word steal) but remember that artists need to eat!




I have included links to because they have an extensive database and are easy to buy from online. Feel free to browse this information..... but remember it is KEWL to buy locally. We are lucky in Ann Arbor to have School Kids Records.

I am sure Steve will be happy to order anything for ya. For you poor souls that do not live in Ann Arbor....he is good at finding out of print music!

Another Great Music and Artist DataBase

Song, Artist, and CD list
(adobe acrobat file)
for channel 1 and 2

Song, Artist, and CD list
(adobe acrobat file)
for channel Live! (new songs)