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Michael Elta
6 Geddes Heights
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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Web:      http://www.bikerbar.com  
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Consulting Areas:   

Control systems, sensors, laser-based metrology, and image processing.
Plasma etch & deposition for ICs and nano technologies for devices and circuits.
Electronics, integrated circuits, and electronics processing design.
Clean room and equipment installation designs.
Flat panel display technology.

Manufacturing methodology, control & strategies.
Sensor-based control and modeling of equipment.
Intelligent software and quality systems.

Expert witness for technology.
Intellectual property reviews and strategy.

Small Office E-commerce, software systems, web strategies.
Communications, collaborations, and distance learning.

Teaching, course design, curriculum development, and laboratory design & safety.

Research strategies, proposal reviews, and panels.

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Resume Background:                            Resume.Doc 

Biography of Major Career Accomplishments:

His 16 years at the University of Michigan is where he pioneered and developed a electronics manufacturing research group. The Electronics Manufacturing and Control Systems (EMACS) research center was one of the first academic centers in the world to focus on manufacturing science. The major focus was on automated factory equipment and how to make these fabrication tools "smart" and self correcting. This research group was an interdisciplinary team that spanned all colleges and departments. Using modern control theory, advanced sensor systems, computer controllers, physical & chemical modeling, and artificial intelligence they were able to demonstrate equipment that could adapt to changes in the factory. While this research focused on electronics and display manufacturing, most of the methodology has wide application to any manufacturing activity from plastics to paper to machining.

Industrial Applications:

The applied research and development work that was accomplished has found wide applications in the industrial word. In the areas of manufacturing, controls, and sensor systems this effort has found applications in machine tools of all kinds and sensor systems. Many major companies, have taken up this activity and incorporated it into their manufacturing methods and products.

Industrial Interests:

Systems for industrial controls, manufacturing methods, image/sensor systems, computer aided design/manufacturing/controls/quality, computer systems, internet communications/collaborations, and MEMS ( micro electromechanical systems).

Technical Interests:

Sensor-based manufacturing and control, real-time equipment control, image processing, in-situ process diagnostic techniques, laser-based metrology, electronics process design, plasma processing in microelectronics, plasma modeling, and flat panel display technologies.

Teaching Interests:

Solid-state devices, electronics process design, manufacturing methods for electronics, manufacturing systems & control, computer aided design/manufacturing/controls/quality, feedback control, equipment control, sensing methods, statistical process control, computer systems, internet communications/collaborations, applied mathematics, applied physics.

Administrative Experience  ( University of Michigan ):

Research Director of a large center in the area of electronics manufacturing and control systems (EMACS). This center was in the area of very advanced manufacturing and control of the fabrication of electronic devices and circuits. The areas of interest included sensing systems, advanced controller design of all types and methods ( real-time, supervisory, run-to-run, neural networks, etc ), equipment controllers, and sensor bus methods.

Executive Director, Center for Display Technology and Manufacturing. Founder of this State of Michigan funded research center. Responsibilities included: defining the global research agenda, faculty team building, industrial team building/liaison, proposal formulation, funding agency liaison, budgeting, cost accounting, program management, equipment acquisition, space development/acquisition, hiring of staff, graduate student research project direction, and technology transfer, partnering, and deployment.

Manager of the Solid-State Electronics Laboratory. This effort included clean room laboratory conceptual design, architectural liaison, equipment fit-up of university clean room, clean room staff hiring, major equipment purchases, facility upgrades, safety training, emergency response team formation, development of organizational policies and management of the daily operation of the clean room.