Some of my
 Favorite Toys and pastimes

Name Uses Comment Link
GPS Harley, Car, Sailing, backbacking, skiing personal Garmin GPSIII Garmin
PalmPilot organization, net on the road, ..... great gadget.... needs to be wireless link
TEQ!uila Drinking ( order online ) Anejo is the stuff to drink webring
Books- GOOD for the head ShamanDrum is my Fav special store Borders Book Store is my Fav local store Amazon.Com for online ordering
DVDs video great technology DVDempire.Com
Frillies ahhhh errrrrr.... *G* shhhing VS.Com
Chili Peppers HOT cooking WildChili online order
Ginger Brew Reed's ExtraGinger ONLY soda i like link
Chipotle cooking... my FAV chili pepper ONLY one to Corita's Close Second is Coyote Cafe
Margaritas DRINKing!!! easy to make great ones Zepp's
Cowboy Boots walking... dancing...riding I always wear them... usually Tony Lama link
Socks to wear in boots Thorlo <---ONLY socks to ever own link
Digital Camera talking pictures ONLY way to take picts Olympus 400zoom
Corsetts Great outer wear got to love it starker
Bright Shirts to stand out of the crowd I am shy!! LOL tye dye mary
Casio Sport Watches all kinds of great watches I wear a sensor watch... tells me the weather forecast general link
Rhum Drinking!!!! Feel like... i am in da islands Minister of Rhum
BBQ i love to grill... ALL summer Mesquite ONLY.... ( ppl use gas... ROFL ) weber
Smokers smoking is only way... to go slow slow slow COOK! BigGreenEgg
Chili HOT HOT food love making chili... lots of great recipes Chili Links
Fender Strat THEguitar wonderful guitar link
Espresso to PUMP you up I usually get a DoubleE!! to wake up link
Scotch DRINKING!!! Macallans is my fav link
Beer Iike Sams, Pete's, Bells, Guinness porters, stouts are my favs Bells from MI
Warehouse.Com Computer Equipment MailOrder Great place link