Areas of philosophy and religion and myth
 that have focused my spirit
 over the years

Topic Type Comment Link
Tara Tibet, Buddhist Goddess, Savior info
Musashi Zen, Buddhist, Budo Book of 5 Rings life
Art of War strategy Sun Tzu link
Rumi Sufic amazing insight link
Desert Fathers Christian Monks very zen like link
Hasidic stories wonderous minds links
Heart Sutra Buddhist this is the one page... buddhist "bible" text
KwanUm Zen School korean buddhist I am a dharma teacher of this school link
Shim Gum Do Sword Martial Art 5th degree black belt link
Mystics Christian lots of good info link
BodhiDharma Founder of Zen 470-543 AD china link
Faith of Mind zen buddhist Hsin Sing Ming ~600 AD link
Cloud of UNknowing Christian Mystic England-unknown author link
Baal Shem Tov Hasidic-Mystic Founder 1698-1770 link
Rebbe Nachman Hasidic Mystic 1772-1810 link
Lao Tzu Tao Mystic ~500 BC link
I "&" thou Martin Buber Philosopher and Mystic link
Wittgenstein Logic Tractatus link
Rengetsu Buddhist Nun pottery, calligraphy, poetry link
Carlos Castenada Shamanism Father of New Age Tensegrity
Celestine Prophesy New Age Tad corny... but good info James Redfield
Norse Gods Myth many a winter night... reading link
Ken Wilber Transpersonal Philosophy GREAT ideas to mine impermanence
Gurdjief Writer-Mystic Remarkable Man link
Mulla Nasrudin Sufi-Jokes wonderful fun and spirit examples
Swedenborg Mystic Amazing man and thoughts link
Shambhala Sun magazine buddhist magazine link
C.G. Jung psychology great thinker and philosopher link
Zen Studies Institute buddhist lots of usefull info link
Zen Centers of the World database great list link
Elta University ( my namesake U ) MetaPhysics-Romanian New Age and interesting link