These are my favorite movies and plays.

Name Director Actor Rating Comments
Seven Samurai Kurosawa Mifune Amazing cinema THIS is a movie!! give ya chills.. in its depth
Beauty & Beast Jean Cocteau Jean Marais (beast) Josette Day (belle) surreal at its best amazing movie..... otherworldly.. chilling...interesting
Yojimbo Kurosawa Mifune Amazing and FUN!! Often copied ( Clint, Bruce,... and and and..)
The Killers John Woo Chow Yun-Fat GREAT fun... if you like violence Poetic and cruel
Any Movie Akira Kurosawa - - My all time favorite director
Any Movie - Toshiro Mifune - My all time favorite actor
Zatoichi Various Shintaro Katsu a long series of movies THE blind swordsman
Samurai Part l, II, III Inagaki Toshiro Mifune gorgeous movies the life of Musashi
Martial Arts Movie - - - Great list
Kabuki - - - Japanese Play Form
Horror Movies Clive Barker is my Fav Ash ( Bruce Cambell ) Hellraiser is my Fav movie horror webring