Links and Items... useful for Motorcycling
 from the the the silly

Item Use Link
Heated clothing staying WARM! info
Laconia NH Bike Week June 13-20 where I stay
CyberMag great info link
leather bags mostly harley bags link
MC tools fixing stuff link
Dennis Kirk MC accessories link
Do Wraps tie around hair.. keep out of face link
BikerNet Web Ring great info link
Bikerheaven Web Ring lots of info link
American Motorcycle Assoc. info, magazine, help AMA
Harley-Davidson info HD
Harley Owners Group info HOG
MC Safety Federation safety, training classes MSF
EXPENSIVE! Leather Jackets looking good link
WildWilly BikerComic fun place
OutLaw Bikers great info link
BikerBilly Biker & COOK HOTpeppers
Big Daddy great info link
Cindy's Cyberian Biker great biker info link
WOW Women on Wheels web ring
BikerBabe of the month link
Barb'sGold Biker Pages excellent info link
WhiteHorse Press ALL the biker books online catalog
Erika Lopez Biker Novelist wild wild
Babe's Harley Page great info link
BikerBabes.Net wild place club
BikerChics.Com wild place club
100 Top Biker Sites From BikerChics.Com list
BikerBob's Harley Page great site link
QuickThrottle great site link
CyberBiker's World great site link
Amazons on Bikes great women bikers link
Yvett's Biker Page wild wild gal link
Biiker Women of the Web fun ring webring
Tattoo Web Ring fun ring webring
Women in the Wind MC club info
Leather & Lace MC club info
MC MilkMaids MC Club in Norway info
Spokes-Women MC club in NJ info
Nude MC Riders Assoc. interesting site info
Bikes & Spikes Biker Women's Magazine info
BikerMania lots of good info link
Canadian Biker great info for canadians link
Highest Bike Ride in the world AMAZING ride to Roof of the World
Indian Motorcycles information about the return link
Lil Sturgis BikeWeekend Sturgis, KY July 16,17,18
Lil Sturgis BikeWeekend Sturgis, MS August 27,28,29
OneEye Biker Page biker info lots of great info
Immobilser HD security system GREAT product
Billet Lights turn/running/STOP lights SAFE!!!! from behind
Bel 935 iM Motorcycle Radar Detector link