Some of my favorite general links and some local links from my town and state.
 Many more links for special topics... all over this web site

 Name of Local Link  Description
 Ann Arbor Harley Dealer  Great dealer in my area
 Ann Arbor HOG chapter  my local harley chapter
 The Ark   Best music club in Ann Arbor
       blues, folk, alt country, zydeco
 Ann Arbor Information  I live in a GREAT! town
 Ann Arbor Web  lots of great info
 Ann Arbor Entertainment Info  to find out.. what to do in town
 Ann Arbor BEST Liquor Stores  A&L Wine Shoppe       Stadium Blvd            .. Email 
 Big10 Party Store        Packard St....               Email 
 Village Corners           S. Univ. St.                    URL   
 Ann Arbor Art Fair  GREAT! time... a little TOO big
 Frog Island Music Festival
    zydeco, blues, jazz
 Amazing one weekend music festival       (End of June)
 Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti 
 Michigan Web Info  good place to find out about Michigan
 Michigan Renaissance Festival  Great Time and Events
 Name of People/Place
Finder Link
Finder Link
 Best people finder
 Address Finder 
 great way to find an address for a person or place
 GPS Longitude/Latitude finder  great way to find your waypoint for a GPS
 from an address