My Family
 This is my wonderful family!!!.
 Lots of sports.. vacations... and ......FUN!!!
 The last name ELTA wascreated when we were married in August 4, 1973.
 We used the last two letters of our last names to create a new name!!

michaelebEL + Grace pinTA ----->  ELTA

 NOW! there are 5ELTAs

  Michael - " like God " (Hebrew)
  Grace - " blessing from God "(Latin)
  Sol - " the Sun " (Latin)
  Jacob - " the conqueror " (Hebrew)
  Tara - " the earth " (Gaelic) ..."mother goddess" (Tibetan).... "star" (Indian)

Name Age Pict Information
Grace 29ish virago Biker, MD, smart, pretty, great mom, amazing gal!!!!
Sol 18 z3 tennis, soccer, piano, party boy, is at  University of Indiana
Jacob 16 school TALL 6'4" , tennis, music, wild boy
Tara 14 hippy soccer, drama, great student, sweet kid
Goldie 9 in yard the dawg!!   Welsh Corgie Web Ring 
Biscuit 4 in yard the "cat"     ( did I mention... i HATE cats!!! )