I am commonly on CuSeeMe
 an internet video and chat server
 For CuSeeMe clients and info:
 I am the
 Biker of the BikerBar.Com
 CuSeeMe Server
 See the CuSeeMe or BikerBar Areas of this site

 for Ref scanner use http://scanner.cuseeme.net/
 This is a list of my CuSeeMe reflectors....that I tend to visit

Reflector Name IP conference ID rating comments
BikerBar-Private ICQ or email me UNrated My HangOut - 90% most nights.. 10-12 pm EST
BikerLanding 0 Unrated My main public ref
BikerStreet none Unrated B/W only ...older reflector
BikerCafe none Unrated B/W only ...older reflector
Jukka's 0 G small cozy ref.. nice ppls
Oshea's biz.refland.com 2 Over 21- PG13 nice crew at night
Farago extreme.farago.com 0 G during day.... None at night popular public ref
Zippo/Vassa 0 G good crew at night
NOL mpcs.nol.net 0 G popular public ref..... TOO big for my taste
WhitePine-Cafe cafe.wpine.com 0 G popular public ref
Fenris 0 G mostly empty .. these days
Squeeks- No Blues 0 G -
Kent State 0 G -