These are some of the poems... I read and read and read
 and some of the books.. I love
 I love all kinds of poetry... much with a mystical/spiritual element
 I love literature from the middle ages... legends.... myths... and and and

Name Type Years Links
Rilke poet-german 1875-1926 achive
Rumi sufi-turkish 1207-1273 web site
Dogen zen-japan 1200-1253 book
Kabir sufi-india 1398-1518
Jimenez poet-spanish 1881-1958 achive
Blake poet-mystic 1757-1827 archive
Szymborska poet-polish 1923-present archive
Morris poet-crafts-books 1834-1896 archive
Sir Richard F Burton translator-explorer 1821-1891 information
Stephen Mitchell translator-poet - information
Dance by Biker Poetry 1996 info
Meister Eckhart Christian-mystic 1260-1328 link
Mirabai hindu princess 1498-1546 info
Haiku Japanese - links
Beat Poets Pre 60s movement 1955-1970 link
Gary Synder Beat Poet - link
Volsunga Saga Norse Poem - trans. William Morris 1200s full text
1001 Arabian Nights Tales for "children".... i spent one whole winter reading the 16 vol. text Trans. Sir R. F. Burton 1850 full text
Nibelunglied German Legend 1200s full text
Heimskringla Norgewian Legend 1200s full text
Beowulf English Legend 600-700s text
Arthurian Legends Dark Ages- England Morte
Tristan & Iseult My favorite love story Item 3 text & stories
Legend Resource great source of info - link
Beelzebub's Tale to Grandson Story Gurdjieff 1866-1949 text
Yukio Mishima Japanese Novelist 1925-1970 cyber museum
47 Ronin THE samuria story book, play, movie, and and and link
Poetry Achive - - amazing collectioni
Neruda poet-chile 1904-1973 link
Whitman poet-US 1819-1892 link
Yeats poet-Ireland 1856-1939 link
Borges poet-argentina 1899-1986 link
Shaw plays-Ireland 1856-1950 Festival-Niagra Ontario
Shakespeare plays-England 1564-1601 Festival-Stratford Ontario
Shambhala Publications publisher of spiritual books - link